The Nakertaja-Hetteenmäki Village Association runs Entrinki Recycling Centre – which is really a recycling department store selling good quality donated items in a perfect state of repair.

By buying from Entrinki you support our village activities and employment, and protect the environment around you.

Entrinki profits are used as follows:

  • 60% to maintain and develop the recycling operations (including rent, heating, electricity, development of new products)
  • 30% to support the activities of Nakertaja-Hetteenmäki Village Association (incl. maintaining the village hall, services for the elderly, youth work)
  • 10% to support other charitable causes (i.e. Finland’s Red Cross, the Kajaani parish, other associations)

Further information

tel. +358 8 629 183 (shop) or recycling coordinator Rane Haverinen,
tel. +358 400 794 852 The village  hall Vanahis

Recycle center Entrinki is located at Pikku-Kettu Syväojankatu 4